Tradition with the touch of modern outlook

In September 2014 Apple announced they are working on the smartwatch with enhanced features, and launched Apple Watch in April 2015.The Swiss watchmakers denounced the Apple watch, but months later the famous Swiss Alp Watch, H.Moser & Cie cloned the watch made by Apple. The Swiss watch which measures 38.2mm to 44mm has a round edged rectangular face with a crown to adjust the hands in the dial, and the lugs that hold the strap is similar to that of the Apple watch, and it made from eighteen karat white gold metal.Edouard Meylan, CEO of H.Moser & Cie the Swiss Alp Watch said that traditional mechanism of watch making industry has future despite the introduction of smartwatch.

Unlike the touch screen feature and multiple apps with OLED, processors and other sensors in the smartwatch, the Swiss watch is crafted in the old fashioned way. Flipping the Swiss watch, we can find the mechanics of the watch with a Straumann hairspring and in house caliber that features the power reserve indicator and they are high end, hand finished and assembled watches protected by a crystal clear sapphire panel with the stamp of H.Moser & Cie. Generally they produce only one thousand five hundred hand crafted watches in a year, they have only fifty new model watches and the cost of each watch is twenty four thousand nine hundred dollars.
Meylan said that the H.Moser & Cie watch is a symbolic representation of their ferocious desire and resilience to strive and safeguard their tradition and values.

Roamsoft enhanced the features of Comeneat

Eat24hours is an online food ordering portal, and they have clients all over the world. The customer has to register on the website to order food. It is a multi cuisine food portal, so the customers have a variety of options.
An Eat24hours clone is an online portal for ordering food operates its business around the globe. Roamsoft is a software company that develops website for the Comeneat and it is popular worldwide. The application is built in the customized form so that it is the best platform to run the restaurant business. To enhance the site and to sustain its market growth, the software company introduced a new plan which has advanced features.

The name of the plan is ‘Premium’ and it has many characteristics included in the plan, one such plan is the reward or loyalty program system. According to this feature the restaurant and website owners manage the reward technique, so if a customer’s bill amount is more than the basis limit of the restaurant, then the customers get rewarded. Apart from rewarding the customers the feature profits the restaurant business.Because of many restaurants in the portal, it is difficult for the customers to select their desired restaurant. So the site has a filtering technique which enables the customers to choose the restaurant from the required list along with the address details.

It also provides coupons and vouchers to the customers to maintain the customer relationship. The codes for the vouchers and coupons will be with the restaurant owners so that they can provide the offers to the customers without any haste.A driver module is attached to the portal which makes the delivery process easy for the restaurant owner, the delivery staff gets the details about the customer name, restaurant name, delivery time and delivery and order status.It has a sub-admin process which splits certain process from the admin, and with the implementation of the Google Maps, the customer can view the exact location of the restaurant.

Chinese knock-offs in the global market

The rise of cloning technology is incomparable in all stages of the market; it started from the cloning of animals. Now we can see clone technique in online marketing, software development, game development, application development and brand development. Chinese commercial market is the epicenter of all the illegal activities and is famous for a clone.The Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company that supplies sportswear and casual wears, and in 2006 the company started to sell footwear. The headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland.The Chinese sports apparel company, Crafty launched Under Armour brand clone called Uncle Martain with a similar logo, and they have printed the logo in all their sportswear. Whenever a customer tries to buy a branded knock-off or sports footwear they end up buying the cloned product.

In an investigation by the New York Times executive it was found that the demand for cloned product is increasing every year. A Chinese shoe manufacturer said that he was once contacted by an Italian retailer wanted Nike clone and within a month the cloned shoes were available in the Italian market, and factories manufacture these cloned knock offs are located in the coastal provinces like Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian. The US Customs reported that out of the total pirated goods; forty percent of the goods were from China. The process of cloning started back in the year 1796, when a merchant from the Guangdong replicated the first President of America in hundred swords. Even though the Chinese government has taken several steps to stop these illegal activities, they failed.

Microsoft retail outlets are more than clones of Apple stores

Microsoft’s retail stores are filled with an array of the company’s products, both hardware and software. It is filled with beautiful décor and helpful staff. The stores began in the year 2009 and currently 100 stores are located in U.S and Canada. There is a new store in Sydney Australia. Their first store in New York is the biggest in a sprawling 22,000 square feet area and there are smaller stores which are around 150 square feet. Microsoft has not released any official data relating to the sales generated from the store. The company retail manager Kelly Soligon says that they are happy with sales and will wish to improve in the future.

The stores are seen as more as a vehicle to carry Microsoft products and endeavor rather than a sales counter. The store provides answer desk (genius bars) and theater view for its customers. There are plenty off staff to answer customer’s technical queries. The stores instantly draw comparison to the apple retail stores. However apple stores do not have Xbox to play with and giant video walls like Microsoft store. Similar to apple store there is a mix of hardware and software for display.The store is one way to reach the masses more effectively by pre-releasing Xbox games on the store, virtual reality headsets of HTC( on display in around 30 stores) and HoloLens, this is currently on display in New York store.

Cheap clones of Samsung S7

Samsung galaxy S7 is one of the premiere android phones and a fast selling phone. There are many clones available for this phone on market at really low prices. These phones look similar to the original galaxy with cheap hardware. The duplicate version originates mainly in China, famous for its clone industry.The phone is built with plastic whereas the original is made with metal which is only visible difference to state. The plastic cover gives it a cheaper look whereas the original has a metallic finish. There is difference in terms of hardware. The duplicate come with 512 MB RAM and quad-core processor. Galaxy is powered by QUALCOMM 820 processor with 4 GB RAM. Battery power is at 2000mAh lower than the authentic version of 3000mAh.

Camera quality is at 5 mega pixel and galaxy S7 has 12 mega pixel camera. Though it is not legal to make copycat versions of other companies these menace is difficult to control. They are not produced by any major companies rather small vendors build them. They are sold in local markets and not branded outlets. This problem is not restricted to Samsung but almost all major brands get cloned at cheap rates. Customers buy such clones though they are aware that they are not original. The main factor behind these industries is the affordability. Not everyone will be able to buy S7 but everyone has the desire to have one. It is a cheap way to fulfill their dreams. But one thing that is for sure is that the clones can never match the quality(hardware and interface) of an original phone.

Milwaukee bucks arena drawing looks similar to KFC yum center

The new drawing of Milwaukee Bucks arena was released by sports architecture firm “Populous”. The company stated that the stadium is given an urban outlook and has no activation on three sides. The bucks’ team has already signed a 30 year deal to play in the stadium. The building is being constructed at an estimated price of $500 million. It is a multi-purpose site with indoor stadium mainly for the NBA team and for concerts in the downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United states of America. The same construction firm was behind the KFC yum center in Louisville. One could not avoid the similarity in both the buildings. They have similar curvaceous façade, Milwaukee building has the curvature out of wood and the KFC yum center has a metallic look.

KFC yum center is also a multi-purpose building in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, United states of America. It was opened in the year 2010 and was completed at a cost of 450 million. This building is mainly used by the men and women’s basketball team from University of Louisville. Yum Inc has a 10 year deal for title sponsorship and hence the name. The Milwaukee stadium is expected to be completed by the year 2018 and the construction activity will start from the summer of 2016. The arena can hold a total of 17,500 people and will have a small number of luxury suites. Though there are similarities in the drawing one has to wait till the completion of the construction to judge exactly how similar both buildings are.

Mogujie the clone script of pinterest in china acquires rival Meilishuo

Mogujie the social pinboard site of china is making its mark in ecommerce. Started out as the clone script of pinterest is increasingly becoming a marketplace for online shopping.The site has created a open platform for sellers to showcase their products.The social site has tie up with Alibaba’s Taobao and supports consumer  and brand based stores.As a result of this tie up the new API of Mogujie now enables the merchant to sync their store on taobao with mogujie.This means more revenue to mogujie through referral clicks.However being the leading social platform for shopping the company is also acquiring its rival Meilishuo, which has special focus on skincare and fashion products.Meilishuo stands next to Mogujie interms of market and revenue merging these two companies has created a huge gap for the next rival to catch up.

This decision comes after the unsccesful fund raising attempt of Meilishuo.Whereas Mogujie has raised 200 million in November 2015 and the company is valued at $1.7 billion.At the end of the deal Mogujie values twice as much as Meilishuo.The new entity will be headed by Chen Qi the CEO of Mogujie.The merged company is planning to raise funds and tencent, china’s social networking gaint, will increase its stake in the new company.After the fund raising the company is expected to be valued at $3 biilion..This deal makes the new entity the biggest social networking platform for shopping luring merchants and customers.

Cloned scripts of banking applications steal personal data

 In the digital age, where all the basic needs of a customer are fulfilled through internet, security is severely compromised. Though companies are investing in ethical hacking and security systems to keep this threat at bay, malwares and viruses somehow creep into our systems.he most targeted sector in the digital era is banking. When all your money can be stolen with a single password the threat is high. Recently a threatening malware was discovered in Google play store. This cloned script is called Bank Mirage and is used against customers of Israeli bank Mizrahi. The malware casts a wrap on the application of the bank.The wrap contains fields for login and password. The customer enters his/her details and latter a message is displayed stating login failure.

The user is now redirected to the original application. Now the user again gives his/her credentials and proceeds further.The malware steals the login credentials of the user. However quite amusingly, the cloned script only steals the user ID and not passwords.Security Company Lookout has brought this to the notice of Google. However it is very difficult to find out fake apps and cloned scripts which sneak into the playstore. Customers should follow certain precautions while downloading apps from stores. Check whether the there are two apps with same name and functions; this means either one of them is fake. Download apps from well known developers.Also downloading app scanning solutions can protect phones from unwanted apps. Columbia University created an app called PlayDrone, which has a potential to steal personal data from social networks like facebook. This was a bug latter fixed by Google.